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freedomamunitions.com started in 2008 with a goal of creating a website where gun enthusiasts could come to buy the best guns online and at the best prices.

The Freedom Ammunitions  team has talked to thousands of gun enthusiasts, store owners, manufacturers, and organizations. It became apparent that the process of buying a gun online was too cumbersome, slow, and confusing. We set about to change that. And so, we began the process of building a better way to buy guns online – one that brought ease and savings to customers, while protecting and growing local gun store owner revenue.

Our mission is to Keep It Local, Make It Easy, Serve Our Customers, and Take Pride in Ownership.




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"These guys lately have been doing a much better job shipping items timely and also issuing checks for guns you sell them. I've used them several times buying and selling and they did hit a very rough spot accommodating customers (I was one of them not happy or satisfied) but I will say the last couple transactions I've had has been 5 STAR."
Mila Kunis

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"I ordered a Springfield Armory XDS MOD 2 .45 on 1/18/21. A few days later I received a call from High Noon Guns in Florida telling me my gun was ready for pick up. The only problem is, I live in Texas... High Noon Guns and I both called, left messages which were NEVER returned. "
Mike Sendler