This is a 6″ Blued Colt Python, in excellent condition. Not flawless, but almost. Colt Python Serial Number lookup dates at 1979. All bluing is great, very little cylinder turn lines with a period original Styrofoam insert and Box. If you are looking for an original Python in 6″ blued this is a solid one with next to no wear.

The Python was originally available in two finishes: royal blue and bright¬†nickel. The bright nickel model was discontinued the introduction of the more durable satin stainless and mirror-polished Ultimate Stainless models.[2]¬†The¬†stainless steel¬†and royal blue finishes were offered until 2003 by Colt on the Python “Elite” model.[10]

Pythons were available with 2.5-inch (6.4 cm), 3-inch (7.6 cm), 4-inch (10 cm), 6-inch (15 cm) and 8-inch (20 cm) barrels.[2] The six-inch model was the most popular generally, and the eight-inch model was intended for hunting. A three-inch barrel version is very collectible, although not rare.[3]

Python Model

The Python Hunter model, with an eight-inch barrel and factory-installed 2X Leupold¬†scope, was made in 1980.[13]¬†The Python Hunter was the first field-ready handgun hunting package made by a major handgun manufacturer.[13]¬†The scope was mounted on the barrel using Redfield mounts and the gun was packaged in a¬†Haliburton¬†case.[13]¬†It was discontinued by 1990 and briefly offered as a “Custom Shop” model afterward.[13]¬†A Python Target model was made for several years in¬†.38 Special¬†only, in blue and nickel finishes.[10]

Two variants of the Python were made in small numbers by Colt. The first was the Colt Boa of 1985, a limited production .357 Magnum revolver, made for the Lew Horton Distributing Company in Massachusetts. It uses a Python barrel mated to a Trooper Mk V frame. Six-hundred 6-inch revolvers and 600 four-inch revolvers were made, of which 100 were matched sets. Though it resembles a Python visually, it is substantially different internally.

UPC ECOM00129646
Caliber 357 MAG
Finish BLUED
Capacity 6 ROUNDS
Frame Material NOT SPECIFIED
Slide Material NOT SPECIFIED
Barrel Length 6 BARREL
Receiver Material NOT SPECIFIED
Receiver Finish NOT SPECIFIED

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